Saturday, August 8, 2009

Turning Heads Saturdays

Everyone loves Saturdays. You can turn your head to so many things you normally wouldn't let go during the week. I didn't just turn my head when I saw the Bug put her fork on her foot and then use it to eat. Thank goodness she is only 2 and it is only 9am, so she's not dirty yet. I didn't turn my head to the mountain of laundry that I should get done today, but know that it will still be there tomorrow and it can't just walk away. Also I didn't turn my head to the full trash can that if I put anything else in it will explode's Saturday...relax!?!

Do you have any Turning Heads Saturdays?


Almost Precious said...

Life's short, so relax and enjoy it. Not to sweat the small stuff, it usually either gets done or goes away of its own accord. The big stuff, the important stuff is watching that little "Bug" grow, because children won't wait like the dust on top of the furniture does. Glad to see you have your priorities. :)

The3Maries said...

Love your blog! Love the great clothing in your shop:)

Enjoy your Saturday!