Thursday, June 18, 2009

Top 10

Ok who doesn't love a good deal and all handmade. Well I know I do and I have pick these 10 sellers from ETSY that have the cutest items. If you like them check out their stores and you might find something else that you like as well!

We can all use a Guardian Angel!

New Star Bright Bracelet

Garden Goddess Earing in Amethyst

Uncommon Vintage's Shop

Silver Fairy Blossoms

Red Fire-Beadwoven Bracelet

Wristlet-I love the 70's II

Extra Large Oilcloth Pouch - Pink and White Flock-Style Pattern

Cupcake Gift Basket

Yellow Polka Dot Dish Towel Dress

Set of 5 matchbook notepads SLICE OF SUMMER
I just love all of these items. Just click on the shop name and it will take you straight to they're shop. If you know of someone who would like these items pass this blog site along. Thanks for viewing and I will be posting more soon. Have a great day!!

Shop Etsy

Soon I will be post 10 etsy shops. These items were sent in by the shop owners and chosen by me. We already have some really great ones just waiting for a few more. Please come check us out again soon.