Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ashley's Prints with Love

Ashley Heffington was in a car crash on Dec. 31st with her mother. Ashley was only 9 years old. The car was sitting at a red light and another car slammed into the back of them. Ashley took the grunt of the crash and serious brain injuries. Sadly she passed away on Jan. 12th.

To honor Ashley's life her family has set up the Ashley's Prints with Love. A friend of the family makes and sell thumb print charms( .Soon after Ashley arrived at the ICU Children's Hospital in San Diego her Aunt Z brought in the "compound" to take an impression of Ashley's thumb print. With this print the friend then made Ashley's mother, father, little brother, and grandmother a charm so after Ashley passed they could wear it close to their hearts.

So they wanted to do this for the other family's that have to go through losing their child in ICU her in San Diego. How you can help got to and shop shop shop!!! It is that easy. Pass this along to everyone you know.

Monday, January 11, 2010

DIY: Cute Fabric Wall File

My sewing nook was getting so messy and cluttered. I needed something to put on the walls to put patterns, books, etc.. in, so I made these cute fabric wall files. All of the fabric I used was left over from other projects!! I love them so much I wanted to share how to make them.


6 Strips of Thick Fabric(Linen is a good choice) 25 1/2 in. x 4 1/2in.

4 Strips of Fabric (I used a thin linen) 25 1/2in. x 4 1/2 in.

Fusible Fleece 25 1/2 in. x 23 in.

1 pack large(wide) double fold bias tape

1 pack regular double fold bias tape



sewing machine

All seams are 1/4 inch.

Step 1: Sew all 6 strips of the base fabric together length wise (25 1/2in sides). Once they are all sewn together iron the seams open. Ironing the seam gives the product a clean finished look.

Step 2: Sew together 2 of the other 4 strips length wise and then repeat with the last 2 strips. I chose a coordinating color for these strips. Iron the seams down. Know you have three pieces: 1 large piece that is your base fabric for your wall file, 2 strips that is in a coordinating color for your wall file pockets.

Step 3: Take your 2 pocket pieces and you regular size bias tape. If you notice the bias tape is called a double fold. You slide the bias tape over the raw edge of the fabric going length wise and sew. You will only need to do this to one side of each pocket piece.

Step 4: Take your 1 large piece of base fabric and your 2 pocket pieces. Place the base piece right side up on the table. Count down 3 seams. Now place 1 of the pocket pieces right side down onto the base piece of fabric. When placing the pocket piece make sure to lay the side with the bias tape toward the bottom. Sew this pocket piece onto the base piece.

Step 5: Take the last pocket piece and place it right side up even with the bottom half of the base piece. Sew to base piece. Now you have all pieces attached. Flip the first pocket you have sewn up and iron. Make sure the bottom pocket is facing up.

Step 6: Take the piece of fabric and fold it in half and just press with your hand. This will put a crease down the middle of the fabric. You will then open it back up and sew a straight line down the middle following the crease. Now you have made your 4 pockets for your wall file.

Step 7: Take your wall file and you fusible fleece. Place the fusible fleece with the rough side(fusible side) up. Then place you wall file right side up on top. Iron the fleece to the back of your wall file. Make sure the wall file is fused well to the fleece. If there is any extra fleece hanging off just cut it off.

Step 8: Take your large(wide) bias tape and sew it around the entire wall file. Making sure the pockets are flat when sewing the bias tape on. When you are at your last corner fold in your bias tape so it will have a clean look when sewn.

Step 9: Take your grommets. You will want to place your first grommet 2 inches in from the top left side. The package should explain how to adhere them to the fabric. Place another 2 inches from top right. Then find the middle of your wall file and place one 2 inches from the middle on either side. You should have 4 grommets in all at the top of your wall file.

Step 10: Hang and your done!! Hope you like it! Send me a link to your pictures. I would love to see your creations!!