Sunday, December 28, 2008


I couldn't help, but laugh know those kinds of laughs( you are just sitting and you start to think of something funny and just start laughing). I was thinking about when Bailey and I are in the car, I have my cookies and her ju-ju "juice" right next to me to hand them to her when she gets to loud. So one day after a ride in the car we were at our destination and I went to get her out she had cookie all over her face so I proceeded to lick my thumb and wipe her face....LOL I remember saying stop mom, stop when mine would do that to me as I squirmed around....Never say never right dad!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Busy 2008

Well we have all been very busy. My dresses have taken off and I am selling more and more all the time. Bailey is rowdier than ever and is so much fun to be around. Jeremy is loving his new job and we are both loving California. We just got back from the east coast and had Christmas early with Jeremy's side of the family. My parents stopped by for a few days and that was nice, of course I was barfing or sleeping the whole time they were their, but it was nice to get to see them and for everyone to get to see Bailey. I am attaching some photos from the trip and I hope all of you have a great Holiday!!