Friday, March 5, 2010

Past Few Months

We have been busy. Bailey is so much fun these days and the things that come out of her mouth crack us up everyday. She tells daddy what to do all the time and it make me giggle. She is just the love of our lives and is like sunshine on a rainy day! Jeremy has been busy at work. He said something about going skiing and i hope he take a break and goes, he needs it. We have both taken up working out like 5 days a week and it has been nice. He sees results faster than I but what can you do at least I am trying. I have been busy with my line and custom orders. I was sad when i made the decision to not go to market, but I am hoping there will be something amazing that will come from this. I had been planning for a year and put my heart and soul into it and I sometimes I feel it was for nothing, but a little bit here and there I see that it was a good decision. Well That is all for know just have a blast planning for the bugs BIG 3rd birthday bash! More to come....

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