Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ashley's Prints with Love

Ashley Heffington was in a car crash on Dec. 31st with her mother. Ashley was only 9 years old. The car was sitting at a red light and another car slammed into the back of them. Ashley took the grunt of the crash and serious brain injuries. Sadly she passed away on Jan. 12th.

To honor Ashley's life her family has set up the Ashley's Prints with Love. A friend of the family makes and sell thumb print charms( .Soon after Ashley arrived at the ICU Children's Hospital in San Diego her Aunt Z brought in the "compound" to take an impression of Ashley's thumb print. With this print the friend then made Ashley's mother, father, little brother, and grandmother a charm so after Ashley passed they could wear it close to their hearts.

So they wanted to do this for the other family's that have to go through losing their child in ICU her in San Diego. How you can help got to and shop shop shop!!! It is that easy. Pass this along to everyone you know.

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