Tuesday, September 23, 2008


In Oct. I will be in a craft fair selling my dresses. I am so excited and hope I do good. Bailey is saying more and more words these days and it is just too cute. Although she looks and calls for daddy all day long, its not going to be fun if and when he leaves again. At dinner time she also has to have what daddy is eating although all of us are eating the same thing daddy's food must tastes so much better. And with sweets its funny because Jeremy will get a Little Debbie something and go to give her a bite (and he won't be looking ) and she takes the biggest bite possible and he looks down and he has nothing but a nibble left.....LOL.....I laugh every time because while he is looking away I watch her do it and I can't help but laugh. We are doing good, my eye is getting better, Jeremy likes his job and Bailey is getting too big.

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